SuMi TRUST manages a wide range of Japanese equity funds. Backed by an experienced local specialist team, we can be your reliable partner on the ground for Japanese equity investment. We integrate our ESG evaluation throughout the investment process to ensure our approach meets the challenge of sustainable development.

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Multi-factor Approach Weathers All Storms

[EXTERNAL LINK] In this article with Asia Asset Management, SuMi TRUST's Shu Iwao, Chief Portfolio Manager of the Japan Equity Multi-Factor Long-Short Fund, discusses the launch of the fund as well as its strategy and approach.
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Market Review for April 2024

In April the Japanese TOPIX and Nikkei 225 indices faced declines, primarily driven by the downturn in U.S. semiconductor stocks and escalating tensions in the Middle East. In particular, the Nikkei 225 experienced a significant drop mid-month, although by the end of the month it had begun to recover as foreign investors increased their cash stock purchases, alongside active retail investor participation.
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BOJ Introduces New Banknotes to Symbolise the Reiwa Era

SuMi’s Coffee Break Column: Senior Investment Director, Oki Shiozawa, discusses the introduction of new banknote designs set to be issued in Japan on July 3rd, and what these represent for Japan's Reiwa era.